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You were my
first boyfriend

Documentary Feature - 2023

Director: Cecilia Aldarondo, Sarah Enid Hagey

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance, Jess Bennett


 "You Were My First Boyfriend" is a hybrid documentary that explores the power of adolescent fantasy, the subtle violence of cultural assimilation, and the fun house mirror of time’s passage. 

Premieres on MAX on November 8.

Move Me

Documentary Feature - 2022

Directors: Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance


At 27, Kelsey Peterson dove into Lake Superior and emerged paralyzed. Now, the former dancer struggles to redefine who she is while adapting to life with a disability.


Watch it at PBS - Independent Lens.


Documentary Feature - 2016

Director: Cecilia Aldarondo

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance

Twenty-five years after Miguel died of AIDS, his niece tracks down his estranged lover and cracks open a Pandora's box of unresolved family drama.


Watch it on PBS - POV.


Fiction Short - 2022

Director: Allegra Oxborough

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance


The lives of a group of thirty-something artists weave together as they grapple with the idea of parenthood.


Watch it on NO BUDGE.


Indie TV Series - In Progress

Director: Dave Ash

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance


A psychological dramedy that revolves around three couples, interconnected by a tragedy, as they deal with their own mortality, betrayal, Chinese cabals, A.I., genetic engineering, and the illusion of free will.


More info HERE.


Fiction Short - 2022

Director: Lisa Channer

Cinematographer: Brennan Vance


A four way standoff at gunpoint gets derailed by....feelings.


More info HERE.

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